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Director - Diverse Travel Australia

2019 recipient of the prestigious Captain Trevor Haworth Outstanding Contribution by an Individual to the Australian Tourism Export Industry Award.

I am passionate about travel and having lived for 10 years overseas in my youth I was intrigued by the different cultures and experiences I enjoyed around the world. From backpacking with school mates to travelling as a nanny with the rich and famous I experienced many different journeys through these years. On my return to Australia I started a travel company and took every available opportunity to explore Australia. The beauty and vastness of my own country constantly amazes me.

I enjoy working closely with tour operators and guides in creating wonderful journeys and sharing my passion for travel. Connecting clients to Aboriginal communities and culture is a highlight as my experiences' meeting Aboriginal people over the years has enriched my life.

Over the years as Diverse Travel Australia has grown my years of experience have been rewarded with mentoring roles with emerging members of the tourism industry across many sectors. This is something I find deeply rewarding, seeing the next generation of passionate 'Australia' advocates grow into their roles.

To me travel is very rewarding, pictures are wonderful but it is the experiences and memories that truly magnify those images.

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Travel Designer / Marketing & Development

For as long as I can remember, travel and the anticipation of travel, the adventure and the voyage of discovery that travelling brings has excited me. From family holidays at a coastal retreat when I was a child, time spent living and working in London, discovering Europe, Asia and the US with friends, to holidays across Australia including a fantastic self-drive adventure from Adelaide to Darwin along the Explorer’s Highway with a young family, I have learnt so much about our diverse world. Travel has offered me such a wonderful insight into a country’s culture and its people. And there is still so much more to see.

Whilst I have travelled for most of my life, I came to work in the travel industry in Australia late in my career, having worked previously in the arts and the music industry in Australia and overseas. However, the knowledge attained whilst touring as an independent traveller, such as planning extended itineraries to more than one continent, sourcing the best value accommodation and quality touring, mapping out self-drive road trips across Australia, is valuable lived experience I utilise daily at Diverse Travel Australia. I thoroughly enjoy the art of designing a tailor made itinerary.

Most recently I have spent time travelling across Australia from coast to outback to the tropical north, and have been privileged to spend time with Aboriginal people on country learning about one of the oldest cultures on Earth. One of the truly memorable travel experiences I have had recently was in the central Australian outback, on tour with an Aboriginal guide and stopping to sit under a shady canopy to have a yarn over a cup of tea with the magnificent Uluru in the distance. A beautiful experience which remains in my memory and which I hope you can experience too.





Travel Program Director
Role: Itinerary Development & Product Evaluation

Hi, just a brief introduction about myself.

Since my graduation from University I have spent much of my working and spare time in the Australian wilds. This has been a continuous learning process reading and interpreting the language of the outdoors in some of the remotest, wildest and most pristine locations in Australia.

As an educator, science and adventure expedition leader, consultant, special interest tour organizer and lecturer I have shared this passion and knowledge of the diverse Australian natural and cultural environment with countless companions of all ages and from many countries.

Pursuing these interests has taken me from the Tasmanian Wilderness to managing one of Australia's Antarctic Research Stations to joining an international team of expeditioners in completing the first canoe descent of one of the last unexplored wild rivers in the Kimberley in north west Australia.

I have worked extensively with Aboriginal people and their culture from south to north across the continent and have been privileged to share some of their perspectives on this amazing land. My special interest in Aboriginal Rock art has led to numerous expeditions surveying and recording significant finds in the Kimberley and northern Australia.

For the past six years I have worked extensively throughout the Northern Territory developing and supporting Aboriginal Tourism enterprises. My work both in the Office of Aboriginal Tourism and with the Northern Territory Tourism Commission have involved me with operators, industry and Government agencies at the cutting edge of Territory and National initiatives relating to Aboriginal cultural tourism in Australia. This has greatly enhanced my extensive overview of some of the very best Aboriginal cultural and eco tourist experiences currently available in Australia.





USA Representative - North America

Lindsey, an Australian by choice, was born in England and fell in love with Australia when she first reached Sydney in her late 20s!

She worked as an inbound tour operator, giving her the opportunity to see much of Australia, and she returns frequently to catch up with friends, taste wine, and visit out of the way places. She also worked with Tourism Australia in Europe and Sydney and holds the Australian CTM qualification (equivalent to CTM in the USA).

Lindsey is a current board member of the San Diego Chapter of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) a founding member of the Women in Tourism International Alliance Ltd. (WITIA).

Travelling extensively for much of her adult life, Lindsey moved to San Diego with her American husband over 20 years ago, and established Australia / New Zealand - Unique & Unusual in 1994, and later Wine Tours Australia & NZ. She has been working with Diverse Travel for over 15 years, including the Venture Wine Tours division.

She shares Caroline's commitment to providing upscale and deluxe special interest travel experiences for travel agents and their clients and delights in planning unique itineraries with special features especially when featuring Australia's fine wines and food and Aboriginal culture.

USA Contact (From 7:00am Pacific Standard Time)
San Diego, California
Telephone: 858-550 9622


Diverse Travel Australia acknowledges and pays respect to First Nations Elders past, present and emerging across the many lands we operate.

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