About Us

We are the creators of special journeys.

Our dedication has been to capturing the unusual experiences that reflect the unique essence of Australia. Like the finest gourmet restaurant, we blend the raw ingredients of nature, heritage and indigenous culture into tantalising menus to delight your senses. Through first-hand experience and the diverse background of our specialist team we have forged strong links with Aboriginal people, high quality tour operators and guides located throughout Australia. Let us share with you the very best of nature based, eco and cross-cultural tourism Australia has to offer.

Since 1998 Diverse Travel Australia has been providing high quality special interest, Aboriginal, nature based and wine travel programs. We are not your mainstream tour operator and are dedicated to providing access to the unusual diversity and richness of Australia's natural and cultural landscape.

Our team is passionate about the diversity and richness of Australia's natural and cultural landscape and our challenge is to make the impossible possible. For many years we have all been actively involved in developing the finest nature based, wine and Aboriginal cross-cultural travel experiences possible. We combine these experiences with wide ranging interests from environmental sustainability to the finest food and wine in the most exotic places. We handle the complete booking (excluding scheduled air flights) and organisational procedures to help you create the most memorable journeys.

If you seek to explore Aboriginal culture and history through the eyes of Aboriginal guides, want to discover the natural beauty of Australia off the beaten track with expert guides, prefer a local's perspective on Australian cities or want to experience Australia's wine utilising local wine makers and renowned wine experts, then Diverse is in the pre-eminent position to provide this unique and genuine perspective of Australia.

Our extensive experience ensures that travellers are provided with superior on-ground support, specialist knowledge and logistical expertise.

Tailor made or pre-packaged travel modules for groups or independent travellers are available. Specialist guides can also be provided if required. Most importantly, Diverse Travel Australia provides every traveller with pre-departure information. This covers all the standard practical issues and provides cultural and environmental information. We look forward to assisting you with your travel plans.


Diverse Travel Australia acknowledges and pays respect to First Nations Elders past, present and emerging across the many lands we operate.

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