Aboriginal Cultural Tours South Australia

Length of Tour: 1/2 day to 5 days

Tour Dates: On demand

Departure Months: Year Round

Community: Adjahdura Land Yorke Peninsula & Ngadjuri Country Clare Valley, Burra, Mid North and Southern Flinders Ranges region


Adjahdura Land – half day tour
Explore the Point Pearce Aboriginal Community

Adjahdura Land – one day tours

Innes National Park tour (ex Yorke Peninsula only): The jewel in the crown of Yorke Peninsula and multi-award winning National Park. Gain an incredible Aboriginal insight into Innes National Park. Experience cultural ceremonies, Dreaming stories, ancient sites, breathtaking views, native animals and much more. (Yorke Peninsula pick up or tag-along). Departs from Yorke Peninsula only.

Alternate: East Coast and Aboriginal Community lands tour: Travel down the East coast of Yorke Peninsula and Adjahdura Land to Pine Point and walk along the beach or cliff face to ancient ochre and tool quarries. Visit the Black Point Cultural Site. Tides permitting, guests can walk out to an ancient fish trap and look for shellfish amongst the rocks. Hear the Dreaming stories of the area as the tour makes its way to the Aboriginal community of Point Pearce - discover how Aboriginal people survived British settlement - and much more. (Tour includes pick up and return to Adelaide).

2 & 3 Adjahdura Country tours available

Ngadjuri Country - one day tour

Red Banks Conservation Park is truly an ancient land - it's an amazing place - a garden of Eden - an oasis in the desert - and it's rich in Aboriginal heritage and Dreaming stories. It features a landscape of rugged earth gorges, stunning 30 metre vertical red banks, spring-fed waterholes and is one of the richest Megafauna sites in Australia. As we walk along a goat track down into the main gorge you can feel yourself going back in time and imagining how giant Kangaroos (Procoptodons) and huge wombat like marsupials (Diprotodons) that weighed up to two tonnes, once roamed this area 65,000 years ago. Not much has changed in that time, except the Megafauna are now fossils. Fossils of Diprotodon are on display at the Burra council officers (open Mon-Fri). Fossils of Tasmanian tigers (Thylacine) have also been discovered here. We also visit the Clare Valley and the house (shrine) of John Horrocks, one of the first British settlers in the area, and discuss the effects of British settlement on the Ngadjuri Aboriginal people of the region.

Tour includes pick up and return to Adelaide (Travel in 4WD, excludes lunch).

2 & 3 Ngadjuri Country tours available

5 day Combination Adjahdura & Ngadjuri tours available


These tours will take you to rarely seen areas of Adjahdura Land (Yorke Peninsula) and Ngadjuri Country (Clare Valley, Burra, Mid North and Southern Flinders Ranges region). This is an opportunity to walk the country with direct descendants of the traditional owners, to live with, talk with and experience firsthand their rich culture.

Full itineraries available on request.  Private touring can be booked.

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